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WRITE ON! creates an educational group context where individuals connect with a deeper, truer place within themselves through creative writing exercises. The writers can share this authentic communication with the group. The group’s positive reflection affirms and magnifies the individual’s depth of expression.  By realizing the power of their own written word, individuals enjoy increased feelings of self-worth and confidence.  These interpersonal dialogues can also reduce feelings of isolation and help reweave individuals back into the social fabric.  

serves those who benefit from creative expression including men and women who have been abused, those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and those in homeless shelter programs. Since all of these individuals are under resourced both in funding and attention, they especially benefit from our programs.

Want to help?  To continue serving the needs of some of the most vulmerable in our community we need your financial support.  You can send a check made out to ISI/WRITE ON! to P.O. BOX 452 FAIRFAX, CA 94978-0452.  Thank you for your contribution to a tax deductible non-profit corporation.

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Creativity is an integral part of being  human.  It's not true for some people - but for everyone! Since 2000, I have worked with people who are in a homeless shelter program, men and women who have been abused and those in recovery from substance abuse.  

As people discover a voice for their experience, I have seen them become more alive, connecting more deeply with their innermost thoughts and emotions.  .
Robert-Harry Rovin


Yesterday I attended Robert-Harry Rovin’s excellent WRITE ON! group. I was very impressed with his methods of drawing out the participants, reaching into their hearts and souls with his attuned kindness. The writing was therapeutic because of his capacity to create an atmosphere where we could touch the depths of our human existence. Today we live in an often “disconnected” world. We need to “hold hands” with others who may also feel alone. In this homeless shelter program's WRITE ON! group I felt deeply reconnected with myself and with those around me. Thank you Robert-Harry for your day-to-day efforts to heal our wounded souls. Barbara Frances Brigham

Thanks to WRITE ON! my creative outlet has opened up and I feel a new positive sense of writing that I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you Robert-Harry for WRITE ON! I hope many others will come in the future and find a new outlet. Jimmy Dill

The only time I take time out for myself in this homeless shelter program is at WRITE ON!  I just start writing and feelings of sadness, pain and fear; feelings I usually deflect before they get to me, come right out of me – then I can feel myself. Almost instantly I feel lighter. My narrow tunnel of perception opens up and I can see things better. I can feel relief. It gives me freedom to move on, to be hopeful, helpful and laugh again. Aileen DeMarco
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