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Father, Father…
why are you so pathetic?
Why can’t you be apathetic?
When I needed you most
you were always comatose.
You embarrassed me.
Now I’m glad to be free.
I didn’t have a choice before
back when I was four..
I am no longer obligated,
no longer feel agitated.
You’ll never change;
that’s why our love is strange.
I no longer carry your strife with me.
I don’t need you to set me free.
I now stand tall.
I can bounce anywhere like a ball.
Thank you father for your negativity.
It has been my fuel for creativity.
I still love you.
I just can’t stick around
in this rotten pot of stew.
Take care and be aware…
I love you as only a daughter can.

Roxanne Keller
August 5, 2007



Sometimes I feel like a gerbil, running around on his wheel! 
But I am a big crow. 
I was in a movie called The Exorcist. 
I suppose I’m spooky and scary,
but not insensitive. 
I carry a few diseases;
and you don’t want to know
the type of stuff I eat – 
pretty ugly stuff,
but no nonsense.  When I’m tired of eating ugly stuff,
I steal the unhatched eggs
of other birds. 
I come to scream when you have negative spirits around
and tricky fate waiting for you. 
You may think I’m very disgusting, but when I spread my big, black,
shiny wings
I am just as beautiful
as any eagle you worship.

Howard Kinney
July 29th 2007


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