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Whoever said life is a bowl of cherries?  Whoever said if it’s not worth

dying for it’s not worth living for?  And somebody said ride or die; but

if I don’t ride I will die or just be a dead man walking and sometimes I

feel like a dead man walking but if I am a dead man, where am I

walking to?  Maybe it just looks like I am walking but I’m not walking

at all.  Maybe I am crawling and where am I crawling to?  

I better wake up out of this trance, this illusion so that I can stand

erect, so that I can walk.  Walk like a man that has some fire, fire

burning down on the inside, down in my soul.  Blow on that burning

ember and get the flame going again.   My God is a consuming fire. 

There is life in that fire; that fire will refine me into silver and gold.  I

have to rekindle the fire that is almost out inside of me, inside of my

soul.  My God will help me.  He will strengthen me.  My God is a

consuming fire.

Michael Barstow
April 29th 2007

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