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WRITE-ON! Writing page 2


My real name is Tamikia Boyd
which is now invalid
because today my Muslim name is Fatima,
which means winged.
Such a boost of confidence
when I hear my name.
Tomorrow I think my name
will be Pizza
because everybody loves it.

In my dream, my name
was several different names
like Hawaii;
somewhere where you can relax
and listen to yourself think,
or like Smooth.
You know, the feeling you get
when you drink a malt milk shake
and it goes down
nice, smooth and cool.

Yesterday I think my name
was Super Nanny,
putting everyone and everything in place where it belonged.
My husband and my daughter
think my name is
Do What They Want
When They Want It.
But I have something else in mind – like Me, Myself and I.
Plain old Fatima would do me just fine!

Tamikia Boyd January 15th 2007

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