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WRITE-ON! Writing page 4


I remember lying down
on the warm sand,
in my two-piece neon bathing suit
on Hawaii’s North Shore,
feeling at peace –
the cool mist on my face
a calming contrast to the sand;
the waves’ relaxing melody
during a hard day.
I remember
the warm and caressing feeling
of the ocean on my body
as I swayed in and out
of the ocean waves toward the shore.
I remember the birds
eagerly searching for their next meal,
running to and fro,
begging and searching
happily through the day.
I remember my son, Hayden,
turning his beautiful head
left and then right,
searching for my breast.
I remember the joy and contentment,
the need in my children,
suckling the tide of love,
washing away everything else.

Collective WRITE ON! Poem 
at Brown House

January 29th 2007


You are the One who helps me release some of my worries, stress and pain;
who brings the best and worst
to my days.
You are the One who can change me;
you are the One who made me
just how I am
from my head to my toes…
and the way that I glow.
You are the One, my love, who gave me the most precious gift of all.
You are the One who made me.

Collective  WRITE ON! Poem 
at Brown House

February 5th 2007

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