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Are you a ghost?
Am I a ghost?
Are we vapors, disappearing into the mist?
I’m lost in a sea of empty vases
with no roses.
Can we connect?
Can we go for coffee or to the beach?
Why do you walk away?
Why am I left behind in the shadows?
Why am I alone?

Can we touch and be friends?
Are you lonely too?
Are we all lonely…
filling our days with chasing rainbows
that melt away in the afternoon sun?
Help me!  Hear my cries?
Don’t walk away and leave me alone…
today, tomorrow…everyday.
Is the bridge the answer?

Nobody hears the cry of my soul.
Everybody is stone deaf.
Maybe I’m not really here –
just an invisible ghost
dancing with other ghosts.

Barbara Frances Van Dyke
August 5th 2007

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